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TEECO Products is a wholesale distributor and does not sell direct, nor give product advice to the general public or end-users. If you are not a dealer, please visit to find a retail dealer near you.

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Applying for an account with TEECO:
1. Read our Terms and Conditions.

2. Fill out a Credit Application, along with the Resale Certificate(s) for the states you do business in. Sign and fax to us toll free at 888-854-3463 or 949-474-8663.
NOTE: Applications are processed as quickly as the references you provide reply to our inquiries.

3. Place an initial Order (Required to open an account). Call your TEECO Customer Service Location for product and pricing assistance with your initial order.

Sacramento, CA: 800-225-6621 or 916-688-3535
Auburn, WA: 800-426-9456 or 253-735-0222
Rapid City, SD: 800-843-8660 or 605-342-2802

4. Upon establishing an account, you may register for online ordering.

Should you have any questions about setting up an account, account application status, or initial order, feel free to call or email: