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Teeco’s PACA Division offers complete Engineering, Design and Construction services to architects, engineers, contractors and LP-Gas companies

for fabrication and installation of LP-Gas facilities.


We are thoroughly committed to excellence in our work.

Fabrication/Engineering/Construction Department

  • Dispensers designed, built and installed
  • Installation, Repair and Maintenance: Fuel Management Systems, Rail Terminals, Vaporizers, Compressors, Boilers, Air Mix Systems

Bulk LP-Gas Storage Facilities Designed, Built, Repaired or Modified

  • Commercial and industrial LP-Gas fuel systems
  • Co-generation energy systems and facilities
  • Engine fuel dispenser systems
  • Railroad tank car transshipment terminals
  • Transport truck transshipment terminals
  • Retail LP-Gas service facilities
  • Backup energy systems and facilities

Call TEECO toll free at 800-225-6621 for an estimate on your next project.

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