Propane Industry Links & Rebate Programs

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of our LP-Gas Industry Associations

2020 Association Rebates and Programs

(available on a first come basis)

Western Propane Gas Association (California) – Joy Alafia

2131 Capitol Ave., Ste. 206, Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone 916-447-9742, Fax 916-447-9740  |

CA Propane Forklift Incentive

CA Safe Appliance and Generator Rebate

National Propane Gas Association (US)

1150 17th Street NW, Ste 310 Washington, DC  20036-4623 

Pacific Propane Gas Association

(Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska)

629 W. Hillsdale, Lansing, MI 48933

Phone 844-585-4940

PPGA Duty to Warn Rebate

PPGA Propane Vehicle Rebate

PPGA Safe Appliance Rebate

PPGA Smart-Hose Rebate

Arizona Propane Gas Association – Barry Aarons

331 North 1st Avenue, Suite 250 Phoenix, AZ 85003-4535

Phone 602-315-0155

AZ Safe Appliance Rebate
Colorado Propane Gas Association – Dan Binning

PO Box 1425 Lamar, CO 81052

Phone  719-688-7840

CPGA Safe Appliance & Regulator Rebate
Iowa Propane Gas Association – Debra Grooms

PO Box 57188, Des Moines, IA 50317

Phone 515-564-1260, Fax 515-564-1262

IA High Efficiency Furnace Rebate

IA High Efficiency Propane Water Heater Rebate

Rocky Mountain Propane Association

(Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah)

PO Box 9362, Ogden, UT 84409

Phone 801-725-1925

ID MT WY Regulator Rebate 2019

ID MT Smart-Hose Rebate 2019

ID Safe Appliance Installation Rebate 2019

MT Safe Appliance Installation Rebate 2019

UT Safe Appliance Installation Rebate 2019

WY Safe Appliance Installation Rebate 2019

Nebraska Propane Gas Association – Lynne Schuller

Phone 402-475-3996, Fax 402-475-3997

Nevada Propane Dealers Association – Lisa Menante

PO Box 18976 Reno, NV  89511

Phone 775-853-8464, Fax 888-689-3155

NPDA Safe Appliance Installation Rebate
New Mexico Propane Gas Association – Dan Binning

18057 West 787th Drive Arvada, CO 80007

Phone 303 424-0870

North Dakota Propane Gas Association – Mike Rud

PO Box 1956 Bismarck, ND 58502-1956

Phone 701-223-3370, Fax 701-223-5004

Minnesota Propane Gas Association – Roger W. Leider

PO Box 220 Princeton, MN 55371

Phone 763-633-4271, Fax 763-631-4272


South Dakota Petroleum & Propane Marketers Association (SDP2MA) – Dawna Leitzke

320 E Capitol Avenue, Pierre, SD  57501

Phone 605-224-8606, Fax 605-224-8607 |

 Women in Propane Council |

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Additional Rebate Programs

Rinnai Home Heating and Water Heating Rebate Program

Propane Farm Incentive Program

Propane Construction Incentive Program